The Lost Motorcycle Club

GTA Online Motorcycle Club | Est. 2010

Club History

The Lost MC in 2010

The Lost Motorcycle Club was established as the Liberty Lost MC in Grand Theft Auto IV in the year 2010, by owned_by_ronin – at that time the only crews that existed on PC online were the Zaibatsu and The Mafia, who drove around in their shiny cars and flaunted their fancy suits. But the vision of The Lost MC was much different – rather than take the easy road, The Lost MC aimed for a unique club, situated in areas in the game that were less trodden and difficult to navigate – the biker clothes were few and far between, and the motorcycles challenging to ride.

Given the lack of platform the game provided to create interest, we also resorted to the use of in game trainers, to develop interesting biker missions, themes and vehicles. This vision grew the crew to approximately 15 members strong at its peak – and from there we transitioned into GTA TLAD and GTA EFLC, which were rockstar add-ons to the base GTA IV offering.

After the release of GTA V on console, the 5 remaining members of the PC crew in GTA IV waited patiently to move across in 2015, but by this time the membership was unfortunately cut down due to the lack of development in GTA from rockstar. Once we arrived in GTA V in 2015, the crew once again grew, to the size of two chapters and we did away with in game trainers, as we could now see the wide range of activities the game now had to offer. However, with great success, does come great challenges, and we had the displeasure of seeing ourselves through several wars with other unfriendly biker crews – something we did not have to deal with in GTA IV.

Through the baptism of fire the other crews faded off, and through evolution, the lost mc re-consolidated its leadership back into one chapter. These days we still hold regular meetings every week, to relax, laugh and drink whiskey together as a club. And we welcome any new easy going, relaxed individuals – feel free to come and enjoy a drink with us soon.

The Lost MC Now

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