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Who is The Lost Motorcycle Club

   We are a brotherhood of misfits from all around the globe gathered in GTA V Online to continue on in the tradition of Billy and Johnny of giving life the finger! We are found in public sessions alongside some the most respected motorcycle clubs in the game today. Focusing on all aspects of the game but most of all the brotherhood we have grown.

When Does The Lost Motorcycle Club Meet

   Our brothers and sisters (yes we have our share of gals in the crew) meet weekly in a couple ways and time frames. First and foremost or weekly run or church if you will, is held by both the national and chapter crew. Why separate times? We are spread across the globe so for convenience have a couple church times to accommodate all members. These times are announced weekly at GTA Forums on our thread. Secondly there is the World Famous Booze Cruize, these weekly fun runs are held once a week with a shifting time to accommodate our members world wide. Sometimes you are drinkin’ at night sometimes you are drinkin’ breakfast! Booze Cruize is announced via Rockstar Social Club and GTA Forums. You will also find members all throughout the week laying waste to rival MC riffraff and anyone that stands in the way of our good time.

How Does Someone Become a Lost MC Member

   First things first add some of the Members on Rockstar Social Club. And fill out an application on GTA Forums. It is not easy or for everyone. Lost MC Patch Members all start as prospects. All prospects must adhere to a strict code and be mentored into respected well rounded members of one of the most respected motorcycle crews in the game. You will have to hang around for a full church session to see if you fit the club. If the fit is good you will be offered a bottom rocker. At that point you have to ask yourself can I commit? You will have to commit to 5 consecutive churches following the prospect code of conduct and satisfying the officers and members expectations. Then and only then will you be put to a vote to have the Eagle bestowed upon your back.


   It was 1964 when eight US marines met in Hanoi. They bonded over a love of hookers, horsepower, motorcycles, and eighty sixin' Charlie. The boys couldn't figure out what to do when the napalm ran out and it was time to haul ass out of the jungle. Until, that is, one of 'em had a the bright idea of startin' a motorcycle club. Thinkin' about all the brothers they'd sent home in bags, they called it The Lost.

Lost MC in GTA IV
Lost MC in GTA IV

   Thousands of broken bikes, jealous old ladies, dirty needles, and pissed off limp-dick civilians later the Lost MC stands strong.

   We've seen some hard times - Brothers turning snitch. Brothers getting killed. Brothers being taken down on bogus charges. But we're still here. We've cut out all the weekend warriors and check-bookers, we're strippin' our shit to pure kick-ass, die-for-The-Lost brothers. FUCK YEAH!!

   In 2015, the brothers left their beloved Liberty city upon hearing the news their original Vice President, Johnny 'Vintage' Klebitz, had been murdered. After arriving in Los Santos for the funeral, they discovered the chapter had become weak due to their addiction to the drug 'toilet cleaner' - so much so it was being easily overrun by the locals on several occasions. The five originals from Liberty City made a pact to overhaul the Blaine county chapter in respect of the ol' Johnny they used to know, and declared Civil war....and so, the story continues.

Lost MC Riding to Los Santos


Lost MC Commandments You will not use game mods.

You will ride in proper formation when rolling with the club.

You will not kill or punch your fellow brother outside of sanctioned fights.

You will treat the clubhose and surrounding area with respect at all times.

You will back up fellow brothers till' death and fight together

You will ride an all American Iron when attending club events.

Prospect Commandments You will dress as a LOST Prospect and never wear an outfit bearing a LOST Patch.

You will ride in formation behind all patched members.

You will not attack patched members or prospects unless sanctioned beforehand

You will follow orders given by patched members.

Prospects must be at least 17 years old. Waivable by the President, sponsorship by a patched member, or by vote.

Join Us

To apply as a prospect, you can go the GTAForums and fill the application form. Then feel free to add crew members in Rockstar Social Club and ride with them during the week. For any further questions, please contact with a Lost MC Member.
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